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    UniVista Insurance provides all types of insurance at the lowest rates and with the best coverage in Central Florida. Our specialized agents are ready to provide you with the best guidance and help you choose the right coverage for your needs and help you save money.

    Auto Insurance / Seguro de Auto

    UniVista Auto Insurance


    UniVista Insurance offers three (3) common options or you can customize your own coverage that fit your needs and budget. Whether it is that your budget is limited, you need to meet the minimum state requirements or you are looking for the best auto insurance coverage available in the industry, UniVista Insurance has you covered!


    Do you need help choosing the right coverage or have any questions about our insurance options? You can contact one of our specialized agents at (407) 569-3239 today to discuss the auto insurance coverage that best suit your needs. We are here to help!


    Univista Insurance makes it easy for you to get a free online quote or you can give our office a call to speak with one of our agents. You will be able to customize your own auto insurance coverage or help you choose from one of our standard options. We want to make sure that you can find a rate within your budget that has the protection you are looking for your vehicle.

    Types of Auto Insurance Coverages

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    Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

    You can receive coverage up to the limits of the policy if you cause an accident. PIP is designed to reduce the necessity of suing for reimbursement on medical or other related bills from auto accidents. According to Florid Law, it is required to carry PIP Insurance if you own a motor vehicle with four or more wheels.

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    Bodily Injury

    Bodily Injury Liability Coverage is the best protection from being sued for having caused physical injury to another person in a car accident. BI pays for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering from the injured.

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    Property Damage

    Property Damage Liability Insurance pays for the damage caused to another person’s property while driving. The term “property” includes fences, telephone poles, buildings as well as another car. Coverage even applies if you are driving a vehicle that is not your own.

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    Comprehensive And Collision

    Collision coverage protects your car if it is damaged in a collision with virtually anything, whether it be a car, tree or wall. Comprehensive coverage covers you for loss to your car for call causes other than collision or upset.

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