Hurricane Season Preparedness: Univista Insurance’s Top Tips for Orlando Residents

As hurricane season approaches, Orlando residents must take the necessary precautions to protect their families, homes, and belongings. At Univista Insurance, we understand the importance of preparedness and have put together our top tips to help you stay safe and secure during this time.

Understand the Hurricane Risks in Orlando:
The first step in hurricane preparedness is understanding the potential risks in your area. Orlando, while not directly on the coast, can still experience heavy rainfall, high winds, and flooding due to its proximity to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Stay informed about the local risks and know the difference between a hurricane watch and a hurricane warning.

Create an Emergency Plan:
Develop an emergency plan that includes evacuation routes, shelter locations, and communication methods. Ensure all family members understand the plan and have access to emergency contact information. Remember to include plans for pets, as well.

Assemble an Emergency Kit:
Put together a well-stocked emergency kit with essentials such as non-perishable food, water, medications, first-aid supplies, flashlights, batteries, a weather radio, and important documents. Make sure your kit is easily accessible in case of a sudden evacuation.

Protect Your Home:
Take steps to safeguard your home against hurricane damage. This may include installing hurricane shutters, reinforcing garage doors, and securing outdoor furniture and other loose items. Clear gutters and downspouts to prevent water buildup and potential damage.

Review Your Insurance Coverage:
Before hurricane season begins, review your homeowners or renters insurance policy to ensure it adequately covers your property and belongings. Univista Insurance can help you understand your current coverage and make any necessary adjustments to protect against hurricane-related losses.

Create a Home Inventory:
Document your possessions with photos or videos, and keep a detailed list of your belongings and their values. Store this information in a safe, waterproof location or digitally in the cloud. This inventory will be invaluable in case you need to file an insurance claim after a storm.

Stay Informed:
During hurricane season, pay close attention to weather forecasts and local news. Sign up for emergency alerts from your city or county, and follow recommendations from local authorities. Heed evacuation orders if they are issued for your area.

Prepare Your Vehicle:
Ensure your vehicle is in good working order and has a full tank of gas in case of evacuation. Keep an emergency kit in your car, including jumper cables, a tire repair kit, and essential tools.

Protect Important Documents:
Secure essential documents, such as birth certificates, social security cards, insurance policies, and property deeds, in a waterproof container or safe deposit box. Consider storing digital copies of these documents in a secure cloud-based service.

Help Your Community:
Collaborate with neighbors to create a community preparedness plan and share resources. Assist those who may need extra help, such as the elderly, disabled, or families with young children.

By following these top tips from Univista Insurance, you can ensure that you, your family, and your home are as prepared as possible for hurricane season in Orlando. Remember that preparedness is key to minimizing the impact of these powerful storms. Stay safe, and don’t hesitate to reach out to Univista Insurance for assistance with your insurance needs.