Univista Insurance: Redefining Insurance Solutions for the Orlando Community

Insurance is not just about protecting our assets—it’s about preserving our peace of mind. It’s about knowing that if the unexpected happens, we have a safety net to fall back on. In Orlando, Univista Insurance has been a driving force in redefining how the local community interacts with and benefits from a wide range of insurance solutions. Univista Insurance is committed to delivering personalized, affordable, and comprehensive insurance services that cater to the unique needs of Orlando residents.

The Univista Difference

Univista Insurance, established over a decade ago, has carved a niche for itself by offering an innovative blend of traditional service values and modern, technology-driven solutions. The Univista difference lies in its customer-centric approach—understanding that behind every policy is a person with individual needs and concerns.

The company provides a broad spectrum of insurance solutions, including auto, home, life, health, and commercial insurance. It does so with a keen understanding of Orlando’s unique demographic, climatic, and economic characteristics. Univista Insurance prides itself on its ability to offer competitively priced policies without compromising on coverage quality.

Redefining Auto Insurance

Orlando, with its bustling city life, sees a significant amount of traffic, making auto insurance indispensable. Univista Insurance is transforming the auto insurance landscape by offering customized policies that factor in each client’s specific needs, driving habits, and budget. The company provides a user-friendly online platform for quick quotes, alongside a team of experienced agents ready to assist with queries and claims.

Empowering Homeowners

In a city like Orlando, homeowners insurance is crucial, given the potential for natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods. Univista’s approach to homeowners insurance goes beyond merely providing a policy. The agency educates homeowners about the different types of coverage, helps them understand what their policy covers, and advises them on the amount of coverage they need to fully protect their homes.

Streamlining Health and Life Insurance

Univista Insurance is committed to making health and life insurance more accessible and understandable for Orlando residents. Through their customized policies, Univista helps individuals and families navigate the complexities of health and life insurance, ensuring they have the protection they need for a secure future.

Supporting Orlando’s Businesses

Understanding the diverse needs of Orlando’s businesses, Univista offers a variety of commercial insurance options. From general liability and workers’ compensation to commercial auto and property insurance, Univista’s business insurance solutions are designed to protect businesses of all sizes and across industries.

Community Outreach

Univista Insurance doesn’t just sell insurance—it builds relationships. Its community outreach initiatives, such as sponsorship of local events and charity drives, underscore its commitment to Orlando’s community. Univista Insurance is more than an insurance provider; it’s a community partner that Orlando residents can trust and depend on.


Univista Insurance’s commitment to redefining insurance solutions for the Orlando community is evident in their personalized approach, competitive pricing, and community engagement. By focusing on the individual needs of each client and the unique characteristics of the Orlando community, Univista Insurance is not just providing insurance coverage—it’s delivering peace of mind. The company’s mission to offer comprehensive, affordable, and tailored insurance solutions places it at the forefront of the insurance industry in Orlando, setting a high bar for others to follow.