Safe at Home With UniVista Orlando Home Insurance

One of the most important parts of being a homeowner is protecting your investment with home insurance. As it is a necessity, it’s often unavoidable, can be quite pricey, and there can be a huge range of options for coverage available. When purchasing insurance, it’s important to be vigilant because different homeowners have different needs, and your agency should be prepared to help you get the right coverage at the right price for your needs. If you are located in the State of Florida or in the Orlando area, consider using UniVista Insurance Orlando as your one-stop shop for all types of insurance coverage. Read on to learn more about our options and our dedication to great service to ensure you are comfortable and satisfied with the level of coverage you have on your home.

Protecting What Matters Most
Your home is so much more than a financial investment. Your home is your safe haven, it’s where your family finds refuge. It’s the one place you always expect to be safe. However, it’s important to be prepared should unexpected circumstances arise, like in the event of natural disasters, or should your home ever be broken into. Making sure you are properly covered can bring tremendous peace of mind, so you always know, in the worst-case scenario, you are protected.

At the same time, it’s very important to know how your policy covers your property, its limitations, and what to expect if you are to ever deal with a hurricane, a fire, a burglary, or any other challenging situation. You should be comfortable with the agency you work with and be confident in their abilities to keep you informed and covered adequately. You should also be satisfied with the rate you are paying for your coverage, which is why it is so important to work with an agency that strives to deliver the lowest possible rates.

Types of Home Insurance Offered From UniVista Orlando
There are various types of home insurance coverage that may be applicable to your situation. Here is a look at the different insurance policies available from UniVista Insurance Orlando.

Homeowner Insurance Policy: HO3
HO3 home insurance policies are the most common type of home insurance policy in the US. This broad coverage offers protection options that include your home, personal property, as well as liability protection.

Home Liability Insurance
Liability insurance is among the most important types of coverage a homeowner, condominium owner, or renter needs. This coverage protects you in the event you are liable for any accidents involving bodily injury or property damage that happen to anyone else inside or outside your home.

Flood Insurance
Flood insurance protects your property should you experience damage as a result of rising water, mold, or mudslides. Flood coverage is not included in homeowner’s policies, and it is a separate purchase and policy.

Condo Owners Insurance Policy: HO6

For townhomes and condominiums, HO6 condominium policies are generally used. This coverage ensures protection for the interior walls of your property (condo or townhome), your personal property, and liability protection.

Renter Insurance Policy: HO4
HO4 renter’s insurance policies are excellent for property owners who rent homes, townhomes, condos, or apartments. This type of policy covers personal property and provides liability protection.

Rental Dwelling Insurance Policy: DP3
Considered the most popular for rental properties in the US, this type of policy is Open Peril, providing comprehensive coverage.

Here at UniVista Insurance Orlando, it is our aim to provide excellent service, education, and communication for our clients to ensure they are satisfied with their insurance products. To learn more about how we can serve all of your home insurance needs, please reach out to our team today!